Monday, May 16, 2011

Iselin Steiro: A Portrait

Costume Norway // June 2011
Ph. Jørgen Gomnæs // Styling by Hege Aurelie Badendyck
Hair: Agnes Guldbrandsen // Make-Up: Therese Dombek
Words: Randi H. Svendsen
Model: Iselin Steiro


Iselin Steiro, one of the world's biggest supermodels has been on the cover of Costume 4 times: the last time on the issue you are now holding at hand.

How was it being on the cover of Costume?
It's extra special to me to be on the cover of a Norwegian magazine. I then realize that the Norwegian fashion industry is following my career. It feels like recognition.
Do you remember anything special from the shoot?
I remember having to take a pair of Rick Owens pants home because they fit so perfectly on me.
What do you think Costume has meant for Norwegian fashion?
Costume is one of the few Norwegian magazines that focuses entirely on fashion. That speaks for Costume's success as a whole as well as for all fashionistas nationwide.
How was it seeing yourself in the magazine shelves? Did you get much feedback?
Wonderful! But I do get a bit shy as well since I really just want to be an "average girl" when I'm home in Norway. I got quite lovely feedback, especially from friends and family who don't often get to see me in international magazines.
Who inspires your style?
I often think of movies and television series I've seen. The 80s and 90s often have a lot to offer, especially Woody Allen's older films. Short Cuts and Twin Peaks also have many good outfits.
Where do you most like to shop?
Isabel Marant in Paris.
Best vintage store?
No 6 in New York.
What's your best styling tip?
A little lipstick or eyeliner does wonders for each outfit. A pair of quality-made shoes, a leather jacket and a hip bag is always nice to have in one's closet.
How do you achieve a personal style?
Dress your own body and wear something you feel good in. This will give you confidence that always shines through.
Who is your favorite designer?
Phoebe Philo for Céline is very talented. She always renews her style and I like her classic and well-fitted designs. Personally, Stella McCartney is my favorite. She's a wonderful being and it's always a thrill to walk her shows.
What's number one on your wishlist?
A pair of heeled Azzedine Alaïa leather sandals. Or wait a minute! There's lots of pairs that I would love to have from him.
Which bag do you prefer carrying with you?
A little gray, suede Isabel Marant bag. I wear it so much that it's starting to wear off a bit now.
Name five things you always have with you in your bag.
Lipbalm from Burt's Bees, wallet, Kleeenex, hand lotion and iPhone.

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